Stainless steel exhaust. Worhts the money?


I've got the Sirion '98 model with the 1 litre engine and today i discovered a new hole at the backbox of the exhaust. The problem is that my father replaced it last year and it already looks pretty rusty.. So i was thinking instead of keep paying for exhausts to pay something more to get a descent stainless exhaust and maybe it would give me a couple of HP. Do u think it worths the money or keep the original one?
Also do u know any garage that will do this somewhere near portsmouth?

If you are planning to keep t

If you are planning to keep the car for a few years a stainless steel exhaust would probably make more sense.

Get a quote and compare the price to what you likely to pay for a stock exhaust.

Someone on this site priced up a Daihatsu replacement exhaust for a YRV Turbo and a custom stainless steel exhaust, with a life time guarantee was not that more expensive.

The picures and thread are here:

I don't know if there would be a power gain.

This company are national and have good products:

I hope this helps.