YRV Turbo motorway mpg seems a bit poor


Just recently bought a YRV Turbo. I am getting around 36 mpg whilst driving at a brisk pace (around 80 mph) but not aggressively. I was expecting to get around 40+ MPG. The car has just been main dealer serviced.

Just wondering what other YRV Turbo owners were getting a realistic motorway speeds?

Also, what are you folks getting during town only driving?

YRV Turbo motorway mpg seems a bit poor

I don't live near any motorways, but when I drive it quickly, the normal fuel consumption drops from around 40 - 42 mpg to the mid 30's, but then I am probably going quicker than 80 mph!!


As stated elsewhere my mpg is not that good.
Just been to Gatwick and back, all dual carriageways, and got 31 mpg.
But I was hammering it as usual.
I get about 30 mpg regardless of what type of journey I do.
I am very heavy footed though.