Starter motor problem Fourtrack


I Have a 1994 Fourtrak with an intermitant starter motor fault. Usually when you start the car the starter motor takes a few seconds before it turns....I have lived with this now for a year or more. Today it failed to turn at all. The battery is fine and I have proved this under load. I can hear the solenoid engage and release when I turn the key. It will now start if I give the starter a good knock with the key in the start position. I realise the starter is at fault, maybe a poor internal connection? My question it easy to do a repair on these starters and if so has anyone repaired the same fault or is easier just to replace it and let my wallet take the strain!

Thanks Simon

Starter repair

Hi Simon,

I'd take it apart and have a look, what have you got to loose? Before stripping it get some one to hold the key in the start position and chech if the voltage is passing through the solenoid (You should have a constant 12volts where the battery lead joins the starter and 12 volts at the other nut on the solenoid when the key is turned). If you're not getting 12 volts through the solenoid then the solenoid is faulty and probably not easily repairable. If the power is getting through then check the link from the second solenoid nut to the starter to make sure that is connecting properly. From there it's down to stripping the starter. It shouldn't hold to many surprises apart from the springs behind the brushes. You just need to decide for yourself if you've got mechanical sense to have a go. One warning though. If you can't do anything with it and you need to get another starter they may require it being back in one piece( or at least looking like its all in one piece) to exchange it.

Just had my head under the bonnet of my 1988 Fourtrak and noticed the starter is a different type than i was describing above and haven't worked on one of these before, I thought it was the type with the Motor making up the main body and a solenoid riding piggy back. The starter fitted to mine (and probably yours) is a 'reduction geared' starter with the motor riding piggy back on the solenoid. I'd still have it apart before having to prise open the wallet.

Hope this helps, Daz

they are prone to corrosion,

they are prone to corrosion, take it off and clean it all up - they usually work a treat after that!

If you dont feel confident at

If you dont feel confident attempting a repair yourself why not whip it out and take it along to your local friendly auto electrician....look in yellow pages under 'rewinds' will be a lot cheaper than a new one and no risk compared to a secondhand one.

I had one done for about £60