question from new 4trak owner


Hi there every1 im new to this club. First of all id like to say how impressed i am with the performance of my 94 lwb fourtrak, i used to own suzuki sjs and although excellent oofroad they become seriously scary and underpowered on the road when u start modifying them. I have a few questions for any experts out there first of all does anybody know of any suppliers that sell bigger leaf springs for the 4trak ive seen some parabolics made by a firm called T.I.C but theyre not cheap once uve had them shipped and do they stock shox too will procomp shocks fit onto a daihatsu? secondly does any1 know of any ways of lowering the gearing to allow for 33 inch tyres as the 31s i used to have on my suzuki dont look half as impressive on my fourtrak. And finally is there any clubs in the yorkshire derbyshire area that cater for daihatsu owners i.e laning trips and pay and play days, seems theres much less out there for daihatsu owners that want to get out and play in the brown stuff, any help will be greatly appreciated. P.S i am currently working on a missing link shackle like ive had on suzukis before for my 4trak i'll keep u all posted with how it goes cheers MudPig

if its a 94 then its not leaf

if its a 94 then its not leafs its coils and independant........

oh and if you want to go out playing or laning then give us a shout! We do it in a big way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah sorry its a 93 then, you

yeah sorry its a 93 then, you dont happen to know anywhere do you I've gotta get this thing modded its seriosly naff offroad at the moment. cheers si

if you are localish to us the

if you are localish to us then we can make you shackles to lift it up a few inches cheaply, I'm sure we have some old mud tyres kicking about somewhere too

ive already got some 2inch li

ive already got some 2inch lift shackles ive made but dont rate them offroad and ive got 31 inch muds on now, but i need to find either bigger springs or parabolics to work in conjunction with these drop shackles im workin on, I used to have some on my suzuki and they give about 24 inches of wheel travel pretty good for leaf springs it just seems strange how noone makes them for the fourtrak and I'm wondering if theres a good reason for it. Failing this does any1 no of a any garages that do 4x4 mods and could do a spring over conversion? Also anyone done a bodylift on one of these I put a 2" bodylift on my suzuki and it was dead simple dont know how it would go on one of these is there enough slack on the petrol filler pipe brake lines e.t.c? any help would be gratefully recieved.

off roading in yorkshire

i am rotherham with sportrak, and go to frickley 4x4 off road centre ,it goes from mild to wild and fields to wood lands come and give it a try its only £25 for the day and theres a bbq drinks etc ,its every 2nd sunday see site for details