loss of 5th gear


hi i seem to have lost 5th gear in my 92 fourtrak.
i can drive as normal 1st through 4th and rev but when i select 5th i have no drive.
can anyone help cheers. Bud

Have you recently checked you

Have you recently checked your gearbox oil level? I'm guessing you have the same problem as I did a while ago with my much older F75. There are two identical, at least to my eyes, level plugs on the gearbox. The lower of the two is the level plug, while the other one holds the control arm for fifth gear. Undo the wrong one and, cluck, the arm is in the bottom of the box and there's nothing but air where fifth used to be.

I'm probably completely wrong in your case, but it's just a thought...

control arm for 5th gear

Hi Juttle thanks for the reply sounds suspect as you said just air and no 5th gear.
can you tell me if this was an easy repair or a bit of a monster to do thanks Bud

5th gear...

It's a simple enough job, gearbox out, recover the missing control arm from the bottom of the gearbox, and stick it all back together. You might have problems locating any missing bits, if there are any, so speak to Graham Dewhurst for any bits you need, he seems to be able to locate just about any bit for any model!

Best of luck...

loss of 5th gear

hi juttle thanks for the reply sounds ok think ill have go.
might save a few quid and ill be a happy boy with his toy again
thanks Bud