Is it possible to remove the rear roof on a fourtrax


I have just bought a 1993 fourtrax and would like to remove the rear roof if possible. Could anybody tell me if it is possible and how to do it please

Hi there bud unfortunately it

Hi there bud unfortunately its not really viable to remove the rear roof its factory fitted and would take so long to remove and require so many tools by the time you'd get it off it'd be time to put it back on again. Unless of course u want to remove it permanantly then it is definately possible youve just got to remove all the inner lining and see how its held on.

As stated already if you inte

As stated already if you intend to remove the roof and leave it off permenantly there is no reason whatsoever why you cannot do this.

The roof is composed of several different components which have to come off in a certain sequence ....the manual takes you through removing the roof step by step...I would invest in one if I were will make the job a whole lot easier.

I have seen a couple of Fourtracks sporting softops...they look great..I'm sure one of them is in the gallery.

Roof removal


The biggest problem i can see (having never done one before) is the back door will still be sticking up in the air, unless you get hold of another door and attack the top half with an angle grinder.

Its actually reletively easy

Its actually reletively easy to remove the rear roof. Should take about an hour or so. But the problem is, as mentioned, the rear door sticking up in the air. You can iether remove it completely, or cut another down to suit.

First you have to be aware the rear roof is in a number of parts. The resin roof, the 2 resin sides, the metal rear hoop, and the roof lining.

Lets assume you are also removing the rear door.
1) Remove the roof lining by prising off the plastic disks, then push up the lining on each side and pull it clear from the sides. Remove the lining from the vehicle.
2) Remove the rear door, disconnecting the electrical loom (inside the door lining I think is the connector) Remove the rear door seal.
3) Undo the 4 screws across the front top of the resin top inside the vehicle.
4) Undo the 4 bolts along each side of the window sill/ metal top panel, again inside the vehicle.
5) undo the 2 screws each side that hold the connecting plate (resin roof to metal rear panels) either side of the rear door.
6) undo the 1 bolt or screw on the upright either side behind the doors.
The whole roof should come off in one piece now. Be careful, as there is a one piece rubber seal that runs along each side and up across the top. Dont tear this.
If you want to take the roof off in pieces, you have to remove the rear trim around the door, and undo the screws behind the trim, then the 5 bolts in each side of the roof. This allows the roof to come off seperately from the sides, then the 2 sides, then the rear metal door hoop.
Hope this helps.

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Remove Fourtrak/Rocky/Rugger F78 Roof

OK, one sunny holiday abroad, a few dry days here in the UK and, I thought, I'll take the back roof off my Foutrak! Not the best idea I've ever had as it turns out! It's actually a lot more involved than I thought. I started with the workshop manual, bundyrumandcoke's hints above and then looked all over the web for further details but to no avail. It took me 1.5 days all told so I thought I'd write up how I did mine in case any of you are rash enough to want to do it!

First, do yourself a massive favour and detach the rear roll bar... I resisted this to the very end but I now know this is the place to start! So....

For my RHD vehicle:-

1. Remove rear jump seats - mine had already been removed by a previous owner but, thoughtfully, the bolts had been placed back. I had to remove two on each side on the rear sliding-window cill trims, then one on top of the wheel-well on the passenger side and two on the wheel-well of the driverside. These are 12mm bolts. Having done this the wheel-well carpets can be pulled back

2. Roll bar - Passenger side - On the leg holding the rear seat belt reel, unscrew the two Torx (T42) bolts holding the roll bar to the wheel-well . Unscrew the two Torx bolts holding the same leg of the roll bar to the side of the vehicle where it meets the rear sliding-window cill trim. Unscrew the single Torx bolt on the other leg of the roll bar at it's base... this one goes horizontally into the leg.

3. Roll bar - Driver side - On the leg holding the rear seat belt reel, unscrew the two Torx bolts holding the roll bar to the wheel-well. Unscrew the two Torx bolts holding the same leg of the roll bar to the side of the vehicle where it meets the rear sliding-window cill trim. Unscrew the two Torx bolts on the other leg of the roll bar where it meets the wheel-well.

4. Roll bar - Rear Door - Undo the 2 large cross-cut screws on the roll bar cross-member above the rear door.

5. The roll bar should now be loose and you can move it around a little inside the vehicle... you have just saved yourself a number of massive headaches!!

6. Roof-lining - Prise out the four plastic clips that hold the roof lining where the roof meets the B-Pillar cross-member (just above the front seats). Prise out the four plastic clips in the centre of the lining (these four might seem to float around and do nothing but they are actually attached to some thin metal strips spanning the roof). Remove the five pop-clips at the back of the lining above the rear door. You can then wangle the roof lining loose and remove it from the vehicle. This will reveal the bolts holding the rear roof to the B-Pillar cross-member.

7. Panorama window cill trims, both sides - Remove the five pop-clips and tug the trims loose and remove them.

8. Rear sliding-window cill trims, both sides - Having already removed the jump seat and roll bar bolts you can now remove the 3 pop-clips and one trim-clip on each side. Tug the trims loose and remove them but watch out because there are three hidden door-card type clips behind the trims towards the front!! Mine snapped!! The bolts holding the roof-sides to the vehicle 'pick-up' sides will now be revealed.

9. B-Pillar trims, both sides - Yes more trims to remove! Prise the seat belt hanger trims off and undo the seat belt bolts (14mm). Prise off the two rectangular trims on the grip-handles using an electrical screwdriver revealing two cross-cut screws. Undo these to release the handles. Prise out the two plastic trim-clips from each B-pillar trim (top and bottom). Pull back the front door weather strips which will release the front edges of the trims. Be careful here not to split the lower B-pillar trim (where the seat belt enters it). Prise back the rear sliding-window rubbers. On mine the B-pillar trims were glued where they went underneath the window rubbers... big pain! I had to 'chisel' them off by using a screwdriver from the back of the trims. Derrr... don't forget to bolt your seat belts back up!

10. OK... I guess now is the time to loosen the roof's bolts to make sure all is well before the roof is half-off and it pours with rain!. Loosen the four cross-cut screws at the front of the roof where it meets the B-pillar cross-member. Loosen the 2 cross-cut screws, one each side, half-way up the roof where it meets the B-Pillar. Loosen the four bolts on each of the rear sliding-window cills where they meet the 'pick-up' sides. There are then two small plates, one at either side of the rear door each held in place by two cross-cut screws. Loosen these screws.

11. Do not take the roof off yet! There is still the door to deal with!

12. Rear door - First the electrics. Mine has after-market rear waist lights fitted. I removed the three screws holding the driver side light and pulled it away on its wires. In the void at the back of the light was the plug and socket for the wires to the back door. I undid that, prised the rubber grommet out of the door frame and passed the wire through the frame to release it. If you don't have these lights, I'm not sure what you would need to do the get the blanking panels off I'm afraid. The doorstrap holder at the bottom of the doorframe is held by just one the one cross-cut screw at its centre. I removed the spare wheel to make things easier and marked the door hinges where they met the door frame (with a permanent marker). I then loosened the 6 bolts holding the door hinges onto the body. I talked my girlfriend into undoing the bolts whilst I held the door. Hey presto, no arguments and, better still, off came the door!

13. Next, prise off the rear door weather strip.

14. Undo all the roof bolts completely. What I then did was to squat-lift the front of the roof from inside until it gently broke away from the vehicle sides. Then I carefully ran a putty knife to separate the rubber gasket from the bottom of the roof. The roof is not heavy but it'll still take two to finally lift it off clear of the vehicle.. OK...let there be light!

By far the biggest pain of the lot was prising off all the various trim clips... I even lashed out on a Laser Tools' trim tool but they were still a swine and a ripped a couple of my trims as a result.

This might not be the best procedure and I've written it up from memory... so please don't yell at me if you try it and all goes horribly wrong!

Oh-oh... Looks like rain!! Smile

roof removal

i am curently just finishing off restoring a convertable fourtrack swb and i am looking to make it soft and hard top i have a long wheelbase fourtrack for bits with a hardtop and a roof section with a sunroof which i am hoping i can alter i know thisis no relation to your problem but i am hoping people looking at your problem can help me out with mine.