Steering idler bushings



Pre-MOT check has identified that my 1997 Fourtrak TDX will need some new bushings for the steering idler. I've found serveral supliers for a steering idler complete but not for the bushings alone.

Anyone know if these are available in the UK?


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yes they are as both the bush

yes they are as both the bush's and the idler arm. I did mine last year at MOT time and fortunately bought the arm. having seen the bush i'd not have liked to try and get the old one out and the new one in!
milners offroad are the people to call!

Steering idler bushings

Thanks for that.

My next question was going to be 'and exactly how easy are the bushings to replace' but you beat me to that one!

Sounds like going for the complete replacement is the much easier option.