Raising the front via torsion bar?


Ok, so after fitting the new leaf springs, the Sporty now looks like a Hotrod...
So how do I raise the front using the torsion bars? How easy are they to adjust?


loosen the two nuts off the a

loosen the two nuts off the adjuster then wind it up checking your height with a tape measure on the front wheels. IIRC 6 turns gave an inch lift.

you will need to have the wheels off the ground or it will be murder to move the nuts as the weight of the car will be on them

sorry to bump such an old

sorry to bump such an old thread but i thought it was better than starting a new one.

so im at the same stage, i think ive found the torsion bar adjuster. is it the bolt located at the end of the torsion bar, with the 2 nuts on the end of it? if so, do i take both the nuts off? or is as easy as just tightening them?