big wheels on fourtrax


Hi lots of posts on here saying the biggest tyre size for a fourtrax is 30/10.50r15
has any one put 16" rims on a fourtrax because i suffer with the diff clearance and thought some 30/10.50r16s might do the trick. Also there is a wider choice of tyre as landys run 16" rims

Big wheels on a fourtrak

Hi, I ran 16in wheels on my 4trak, they were Suzuki GV2000 o/e. To be honest they could have done with small spacers as the tyres just rubbed on the springs 205x70x16 so larger tyres would need spacers.Having said that if you could obtain wheels with more outset you should be ok. Nivas also ran 16's (non alloy) but these were inset. As an aside the 16's in question are now on my Sportrak and do the business fine with no clearence probs.
Just a thought if you have an independant suspension model the Zuke wheels should clear and they are cheap s/h as the dealers scrap them when they fit alloys.

Hi, i recently brought some

Hi, i recently brought some bronco grizzly claw 265 75 16 tyres and am currently trying to hunt down some grand vitara wheels.

What it is, is that i've stumbled across your post that your fourtrak has or had 265 75 16's fitted.

My questions are if you can answer please is that, do these tyres fit without modification? and if modification needed, what do i need to do to make them fit?

Do i need either spacers, shackle lift and or body lift?