losing water and i dont no where


i have a 91 sportrak, i fill up the water tank and it is nearly empty after about 120 milesi cant find a leak there is no white smoke i dont no what to do to find this problem. also got a oil leak which looks like its coming from the head gasket how easy are they to change could this be where my water is going as well do u think maybe i could just tighten the head bolts abit to see if that works as its only a small leak

thanks guys

Hi m8 have you looked in cool

Hi m8 have you looked in coolant expansion tank to see if you have any oily deposit in it or bubbles rising when engine running? any way it sound's to me like the head gasket,its no good just tightening up head bolts as chances are the head gasket has spilt somewhere letting water mix with oil and vice versa, hope this helps m8

Agree with that. Try slacken

Agree with that. Try slackening the sump plug off until you get some (hopfully oil) running out. If it is water, or a sort of brown gunge then that will be where the missing water went.
Aulternitivly, have you checked the carpets in the foot wells nare not wet underneath? Could the heater matrix be leaking?

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Head gasket or rad cap.

Sounds like you have a head gasket problem if oil is leaking. However, a poorly fitting radiator cap can loose litres of water. I had a similar problem which took ages to solve. The pressure cap steams out water vapour and you dont know is leaking because it evaporates on the heat of the radiator. Try replacing the rubber seal which sits inside the radiator cap or qently squeeze the caps lug so the cap fits very tight. I cut a replacment seal from an old inner tube.

thanks for the tips guys i ha

thanks for the tips guys i have no oil in my water and no water in my oil which makes me think its not the head gasket but i really cant think what else i can be.

are the head gaskets easy to change on a sportrak

i looked at the carpets no water there and i will look for bubbles in the water next time im under the bonnet

any other ideas what it can be

mystery water leak

Hi pal I just had a similar problem . Mine started with a small leak in the radiator ,I flushed the system and put in some radweld to seal the leak , but water was now pissing out from some where , I had to vertually dismantle the front end to find the leak which turned out to be a rotted core plug behind the camshaft pulley (cost 50p for a new one and I have a spare one aswell) it only took 2 hours to rebuild the front but have learnt quite a bit about my sporty in the process so not a complete waste of time.
Please let us know what the problem is when you find out.



Keep the sunny side up and the muddy side down!!!

Keep the sunny side up and the muddy side down!!!