Hi my sporty is pulling to one side when heavy breaking (to the left),pads are all ok as so are drums also I've had brakes checked on rolling road all ok the only thing I can think of is by-pass valve not working correctly I'm about to check caliper to make sure its not sticking first any Ideas would be appreciated.
or could it be the camber angle out.
its a 1991 elxi sportrak
Cheers folks.


Tyre pressures incorrect or unequal. Also rear pressures can effect braking.
Damaged tyre, different tread pattern, depth of tread not equal.
Front toe in/out needs checking.
Track rod end has worn.
Ball joints.
Bleed the brakes and renew the fluid - bleed longest run first etc.
Wheel bearing is loose.

Mine pulled to the left once

Mine pulled to the left once - turned out to be a lazy R/H caliper.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty


Cheers for all the help but sorted it out a lazy brake calipier only moves out a little bit in the process of changing it.