Air con belt squeaking


I have a 93 Fourtrack TDX Independent.
The air con belt is a bit slack and has started squealing as soon as I turn the air con control.
I had a look at the area, having removed the radiator overflow bottle and air hose and can just get to the four mounting bolts but I could not see/feel any adjuster to tighten the belt. Please could anyone assist by advising the adjustment process.
Martin Cross.
PS I removed the roofrack which came with the vehicle.It has been transformed! Performance is better and economy improved by about 10% to over 30mpg overall.

Same Problem

I know this post is dated 4 yrs back but... I am having the same problem, squealing ac belt, and wonder if there was a fix for that.
Haven't inspected the belt, but any before I do would be appreciated.