YRV Remote


The time has come for a new battery in my Mother's Y reg YRV remote keyfob. It will unlock the car still but only from a very short distance,

My question is when i change the battery will i have to re-programme it into the car or will it remember everything? Anything else i need to know?




You should not have a problem.
Just change it.

Remote Fob Battery

I can understand any reluctance, the owners manual does say consult a Daihatsu Dealer if battery begins to fail etc, but they would say that if there might be a few ££'s in it!!
Think they just want to stop you opening it up and damaging it in the process, you know - best left to the qualified.
Personally like Dave D says i would just get a new one and swap over right away, still if in doubt give the dealers a call.

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