Suspension woes


Just joined the forum after living with my 92 TDX Fourtrak for a couple of months (ex serial Landrover addict)I really like the Fourtrak but had a shock when I was told the baking system needed major work (£500!)and now the rear offside damper is leaking...I'm told they are expensive (it has the electric adjustment) so I'm wondering if switching to the non adjustable ones would be better? Could anyone tell me if it makes a bit difference to the handling and if "named" brand units would be better?



The electric damping is hardl

The electric damping is hardly worth it...change the shocks for non adjustable ones and save a packet....any make will do ...and it makes not a jot of difference to the handling of the vehicle.

£500 for brakes...whats wrong with them Unknw

Fourtrack brakes are easy to work on...replacement dics , pads, shoes...etc are readily and cheaply available.

Suspension woes

Thanks for the reply; I've contacted the main dealer in this ares and can get replacements cheaper than I thought..I quite like the electric adjustment, the soft setting is good for speed humps..doesn't seem to be much difference between Normal and Hard but that could be due to the milage on the vehicle..The brake system was in a poor state (though I'm used to Landrover drums, so didn't think much about it on the test drive) parts were OK, it was the 6 hour labour cost that stung!