Fourtrak starting problems


fourtrak TDX indepentant 2.8 98 plate:

ok this started the other day i filled up and then left the jeep for the night came to it the next morning and she dont want to start 1st time so i wind her over a bit and in the end she starts ok all day leave her over night again and shes finding it hard to start again i tested the rail for the glow plugs and only when the pre heater kicks in i get power to the glow plugs so for split second i get 12volts, ive been told its the relay on the inner wing and its £92 + vat im just wondering if anyone else has had this problem.


starting problems

garen1uk.hi plug, i had the same problem with mine last week.first thing is check the fuel filter is screwed on tight as if not you lose pressure in the fuel system over night and so in the morning you have to pump fuel right through the system,that was my problem thankfully i put on a new fuel filter filled it full of injector cleaner screwed it back on making sure the old o ring had come away with the old filter pumped through sum fuel and started her up ran a bit rough for a minute took her for a spin and no more starting probs. on the other hand you might have a break in the fuel line somewhere and thats a different prob all together and might take sum time to find im no meg but i can find my way around most probs given time + i have a very freindly garage in my village and they always give me good advice if i hang around long enough .any way i hope this haelp and good luck mate.garen


Type 'glow plug' into search for lots more guff

This one keeps coming up. It might be an idea if Lurch can find the time to create a 'read only' list of known problems and their fixes.

Oh, BTW, some people call them 'heater plugs' so this will also throw up further results from search.

ok ive fixed it

ok this was a pain to do but got there in the end
i checked all the relays there is 2 of these and a solinoid
the 1 relay controls the triggering of the solinoid and the other is a timer relay which is next to the solinoid these was ok so i ordered 4 new glow plugs and rails replaced them and it runs fine again
what happens when a glow plug becomes faulty is the 2 wires that lead into the wiring loom lead to a sensor which picks up feed from the glow plugs when they reach temp this turns off a relay but when a glow plug is faulty the feed back is almost right away so the plugs cant heat up thus giving a hard to start problem, if u get a light and wire it to the rail earth if the light goes out in under 3 seconds there is a fault with a glow plug

hope this helps