how economical?


hi, im looking seriously into buying either a sportrak or fourtrak and just wanted to know afew things from people in the know.
does anybody have an idea of what mpg the 1.6 sporttrak or 2.8td fourtrak does? miles to the tank etc?
also just looking at some pics i cant tell but is it possible to remove the rear on the fourtrak and i understand you can do this with the sport.
thanks for any help

Economy of a Sporty

On road narrow grass down the middle lane driving 25 mpg over the last year for my 1.6i Sporty on the Isle of Man

You can take the top off a Sporty, but not in a hurry. Probably only worth the effort if planning to keep it in that mode for some time. The sun roof comes off easily though.



thanks for that, does anyone have the equivilant on the fourtrak, especiall the roof thing?

my 95 independant does betwee

my 95 independant does between 28 and 32 mpg depending on the weather believe it or not!

As for the roof you can remove it but its a pain and the rear door sticks up in the air! But you get a good draft with the sunroof out

MPG Sprtrak

My Sportrak is up to around 32-35mpg around town. Just had head done and whole engine cleaned and serviced, and it's done 80 miles from full and needle has dropped by about 1mm on the gauge. Get anywhere between 300-400 miles out of a tank, depends how heavy my right foot gets Smile