Fourtrak rear axle & prop replacement


Hi everyone,
I'm a new female owner of a 1991 Fourtrak TDX 7 seater, I really like it but as I'm not mechanically minded I asked my local garage to check it over. Garage say it needs a replacement rear axle & prop & that it will be mega expensive to sort out. They advise getting rid! I don't want to as I like vehicle, can anyone give me any idea what the likely cost to do this work would be and where to get the necessary replacement parts as the garage don't routinely deal with Daihatsu so would buy in from manufacturer. Also does anyone know of a reliable, reasonably priced mechanic in the Hereford/Worcester area that I could contact. Many thanks for your help.

Hi Maria A replacement axl

Hi Maria

A replacement axle !!!!!! why whats wrong with it...ditto with the prop....whats wrong with it Unknw

The only reason I can think of that they advise replacement axle is problems with rear differential and /or half shafts.Both of which can be fixed. The axle housing is just that...a housing for the diff and shafts. Has there been damage to the axle and prop Unknw

Any funny noises etc Unknw

More info needed to give you further advice.

Hi Mike, no funny noises, drives ok far as I'm concerned.

Hi Mike, thanks for your reply, there are no noises and the garage haven't really said what the specific problem is.Basically they just said 'needs to much work so get rid'. I don't know anything about mechanics so could really do with someone who knows about these things giving vehicle a full going over to assess any problems and give me some idea about cost.Don't know how to track someone down in my area. Not aware of it's previous history but passed MOT in May. Also do you have any idea why water might be coming out of a small 'overflow' pipe between radiator filler bottle and radiator??



Where are you? I'm in Leicestershire, if you are within a sensible radius then I will gladly come and give your trak the once over (the price of beer of course....) I find it VERY hard to believe that she needs a new axle and prop...may be a U/j joint at the most...or may be some oil seals and bearing........but you would notice any of these things whilst driving....rumbling? grinding...oil leaks etc? any of these???

Water from the over full is the cooling system, if it is too full then water will leak out.....oftern a little come out as the car get hot due to being too full.

Let me know where you are......regardless of location, I'm sure the club member can sort you out.....get rid...what planet is the garage on??????





rear axle & prop

Hi H, thanks for the reply, it's probably too far for you to come over I'm between Worcester & Hereford near jct 3 M50, or 30mins jct 7 M5.

Haven't noticed much of an oil leak, except occasional drip from above rear wheel area.

If you think you can come over this far let me know I'd be happy for an opinion from someone who knows about fourtraks.


Maria I dont think you sho


I dont think you should accept what the 'garage' has to say at all.

Get a second opinion...hopefully someone is close enough to you to check your vehicle...otherwise take it to another garage.Does this garage want you to get rid of it to them...are they trying to sell you another very wary of them...
If you have no 'noises'...'no oil leaks'....I am dubious there is anything wrong with your trak...specially since it went through an m.o.t. in May

Why did you feel you had to take it to a garage Unknw
Have you got symptoms that make you think something is wrong Unknw

Rear axle & prop

Hi Mike & H,
Thanks both of you for the replies, the reason I took 'trac to garage was for a quick check over / mini service as it was new to me and I want to pull a horse trailer so wanted to check electrics/breaks etc. Thats how come it was in the garage, I don't think they are trying to sell me another vehicle although now I think about it he did say he was getting a discovery in that would suit me much better. I will try to find a local 4x4 specialist and take it in for them to have a look at.
I haven't noticed any noises, grinding, knocking etc when I'm driving it or any significant oil leaks, so hopefully it's the garage having another agenda.
Thanks once again,

Get rid ..... then the mechanic is found using it !

I suspect that you're being taken for a ride. I can just imagine them selling you one of their vehicles, the mechanic, should you ask, just happening to come across a second-hand back axle, and then using your 'trak as his personal vehicle.

If there's plenty of oil in it, the back axle should last about 150000 to 200000 miles.

Going back to the 'horse trader' thread, I've even had the s....bags try to get me to believe the thing is falling apart, despite the fact I'm doing major spanner-work directly under their noses.

Get lots more opinions before you part with your vehicle!

too far

That is a little too far......if I had not just sold the my CBR I would have come over just for the ride out.

Mike has asked a couple of good questions:

Why did you take it to garage in the first place?
Is the garage trying to sell you another car?

these fourtraks are pretty much bomb proof, and if you are using it with no real problems then nothing much will be worng (esp from the rear axle area)

Do you have ANY of the following:

Vibration from the rear end when driving?
knocking from the rear of mid point?
you say it is only leaking occasionally from above the rear wheel arch? is that oil? (mike does the fuel tank have a little over flow water thing that goes there??)

If you have an oil seal gone on the rear axle it would not have passed an MOT and you would notice plently of oil around the road wheels.

I really would like to know why the garage wants to change the axles....please do not take this the wrong you have a husband or 'fells' that could call the garage and inquire more? I love to stick it too garages.......I had a mate who was quoted over £700 to fix his trak....I did it for £200 (£100 pound of that was parts....)

DO NOT SELL HER...........if you do decided to 'get rid' then please let me know...then I will come over and probably buy her...

Probe the garage more and check they are not spinning you a line.