Electric fan switch or viscous fan wanted


I've just broken a fin off the plastic viscous fan after something jumped into it during an off road day.

I would either like to replace the fan (as its now unbablanced) with a second hand one - has anyone got one please?. Alternatively I have a kenlowe fan, but am not keen on using the themostat sensor that goes under a rad hose as it no longer has the special rubber bridge piece and have heard they can leak and cause more problems.
On the thermostat housing I have a sensor (3/8 BSP i think) which isn't connected to anything (the coolant temperature sensor for the dash gauge is elsewhere). I don't know what this unused sensor is but wondered if it can be replaced with a electric fan switch. If so - does anyone know of any that fit and work at the right temp? Its a 3/8bsp but adapters to change size to 1/4 bsp are available.

Any thoughts or offers of spare fan appreciated
Its a 2.8 N/a diesel in a landrover, which is why something was loose to jump off in the engine bay into the fan!


Electric Fan

Hello. I also have a 2.8 fitted to a Landrover 110 & I have fitted a twin electric fan set up from a Mondeo diesel it fits great & only cost a fiver off ebay. It is all housed in a plastic case which fits exactly behind the rad, I have wired this up directly to 2 switches which I can control (especially in winter) but I would also like to know what the sensor / switch is on the thermo housing as I would like to wire it up correctly so I dont forget to switch it on?? & then use the switches to shut the fans off as required!