Fourtrak alternative shocks


Only one of the electronic shocks on my Fourtrak makes any noise when he switch is operated so I intent changing all four for normal types.
I know I can get them from either -
but a full set is going to cost quite a bit. I'm used to Land Rover prices, which are a fraction of the cost, so assume there must be an alternative that will fit off a more common vehicle and thus substancially cheaper.
Anyone found shocks that will fit Unknw
I reckon HD van items might be worth considering.

Paul Humphries.

Milne has them for 30 pounds

Milne has them for 30 pounds dont they? That's not too bad of a price... You cant get them any cheaper than that here in AUS.

If you look at the mounting points and measure compressed and extended length, you can match up a shock which suits from another vehicle. The valving may be different though.

Just as a guide... When i bought my Rancho shocks they were:
"Rancho RS5000’s $260 (pair) or $396 (pair) in the 9000X’s"