sportrak/applause same engine ?


Just wondering if the Daihatsu applause and Sportrak share the same engine to the point where you can just drop one straight into a sporty Unknw

If not do any other engines fit Unknw

The engines are completely id

The engines are completely identical apparently. A number of people on here in the past I know have bought an Applause and just dropped the engine straight in from what I gather.
Hopefully one of them will reply and confirm if I am correct or not. Smile
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The BARE engine is the same -

The BARE engine is the same - i.e. stripped of stuff like the water pump, manifolds, and I think the distributor is different.

I also remember someone on here saying the sump pan is also unique to each model.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

I'll keep an eye out for an a

I'll keep an eye out for an applause then.
Quite happy to swap as many bits as required from the old block to the new one.

The current sporty engine has a good low down rumble and sounds like its a 14 valve but while its still running it can stay in there.

Bought it in May described as "Just serviced, with no known mechanical faults"

Oil filler cap needed mole grips to remove and there was a 50/50 mix of marmite and treacle where the oil should have been.

So far I have changed 4 bulbs, wipers, clutch, brake pads, freed a seized caliper and now the gearbox has given up.

All this to go and drive it in and out of muddy puddles