Front Brake Disks


Help! I have a 1991 Sportrak ELXi and I need to change the front brake disks but they've got 'scary looking' auto locking hubs (whatever that may mean). Can anybody let me know how to go about changing the disks or point me in the right direction for some online help.

Many thanks

front brake discs

i will have to attempt the same job on my 94 fourtrak soon. all i can say is that the cd manual takes you through it but you cannt beat first hand knowledge if anyone out there has done this job before any help would be much appreciated

brake disk

hi it quite simple really i have done mine. first you have to take the hub off, you will need allen keys for this, undo the small screws first on the auto hub (shouldnt be too tight) then undo the bigger bolts with an allen key, (i had to get a bar on these as they were really tight!) then there is a bolt to undo on the end of the drive shaft undo this and then the hub should just slid off. if you have manual hubs it the same but there is a cir clip instead of a bolt, and you must make sure they are in the 2x4 position.

losen wheel nuts
jack it up
take wheel off
remove the brake caliper (one 14mm bolt)
remove pads
then you need to remove the pad holder, (2 19mm bolts)
on auto hubs there are a few moor bits to remove from round the shaft they a a big cir clip then there are 3 tiny srews to remove these are star type screw (not a philips or a possi), you will know what i mead when you see it. then you need to remove the ring.(this does not apply to manual hubs)
then you can see the big nut which holds the bearing in (about 50 - 60 mm!!) however i used a scredriver and a hammer to knock it round then it will just undo.
remove bearing
then the disc will come off.

undo the 4 nuts holding it to the wheel studs (14mm)

put new disc on
and put back together.

hope this helps don't think i have missed anything off, although i have a fourtrak i would imagine it is similar if not the same on a sports track.