How easy (or hard) is it to fit a clutch?


Now ok folks, this may seem like a bit of a silly question but....... here goes!

My '87 TD Fourtrak's clutch has finally gone! Had to be towed by a nice AA man!

Now, with quotes between £340 & 375, I cant realisticly see me being able to afford this repair.
So in comes DIY!!!

Has anybody here tried replacing it themselves? If so how easy was it?

Or am i, with my dire lack of knowledge about twiddly bits and slidy things best to leave alone and save??

Maybe theres somebody local to me (Milton Keynes) who is willing to do a fellow 4x4'er a favour? obviously i will still pay.

Thanx one and all.



Hi mate,
I done the clutch in my 91 4trak a few months back. It wasnt that difficult just damm heavy getting gear/transfer box out the way. It took me and a mate about 4 hours to get it out and back together again. You need long extention bars to undo the bolts on the bell housing. Kev.

Clutch Repairs

Never to old to play in the mud :-)
Don't forget the safety aspect they aren't a very large vehicle, but the hurt when they land on the soft bit's. Make sure your on level ground. or preferably a good workshop.

Unless your going to change gearbox oil, keep level or tilt fwd a little so gearbox doesn't drain all over you and anything else under it. Before you even start be sure all the parts are the correct ones for your model.

Use a clutch aligning tool so your properly aligned when your straining to get it all back in, if it isn't aligned your going to use energy quickly holding gearbox weight. And you can damage your new parts also Good time to replace clutch race bearing, lightly grease spigot bush, or it may have a squeek when back in.

Good stand's all around so vehicle is solid on ground be gentle with pushing and pulling gearbox in and out. Read manual carefully before starting, have done heaps not rocket science just adirty and messy job if oil leaks out everywhere. Give yourself as much room to work as possible and not a job to attempt without someone helping.

Make sure all tools are correct especially when undoing bolts on housing to engine, these are usually very tight. Can take effort to undo if haven't been undone for a long time.

Have fun and learn lot's.

Never to old to play in the mud :-)


Thats great guys.
Thanx for the advice, i dont feel so daunted by the thought of it now!

I know how to drive 'em, race 'em, crash 'em! just not how to fix 'em!

I know how to drive 'em, race 'em, crash 'em! just not how to fix 'em!