Locking wheel hubs?


hey, can anyone explain to me what locking wheel hubs are? i understand that they heve something to do with changing between 4wd and 2wd? how are they operated?

Cheers, Rob

locking wheel hubs

To reduce the drag on the drive train, the front wheels (hubs) can be dis-engaged from the front drive train i.e. diff and shafts. This makes normal road driving more fuel efficient, and reduces wear. If you need to use 4 wheel drive, as well as selecting hi 4 or lo 4 via the gearbox, you will also need to engage the front hubs. There is a ring in the centre of the hub which turns through 90 deg. It lines up with two marks on the hub, one is free (disengaged) the other is locked (engaged). I drive with hubs dis-engaged, unless I am going off road, then a few miles on road, back to off road it doesn't matter for a few miles if they are engaged.


Just to add that some 4x4 veh

Just to add that some 4x4 vehicles have automatic hubs and some have manual. With the manual hubs you have to physically engage/disengage them by turning a dial on the hub itself...automatic ones can be engaged from the cab.Daihatsu 4x4 vehicles came in both varieties.


thanks for the help guys.... should be getting my first sporty soon Biggrin
is the sportrack avalable with automatic hubs?... and if so what should i look out for to tell me what type they are? + are any tools required to change the manual hub and is it easy to do?

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If you go to the Fourtrak/Roc

If you go to the Fourtrak/Rocky gallery I have posted a couple of pics...one showing a pair of manual hubs...notice the dial/bar running across middle of hub centre.If you look carefully u can make out the words 'lock' and 'free'...for 4wd yoy turn dial to lock...for 2wd you have it set on free.

The other pic is of my jeep fitted with AVM manual hubs.

Often hubs of any description were fitted as aftermarket accessory...any 4x4 can be retro-fitted with suitable hubs.