Hi folks I need some advise I have a screeching noise when Im starting up I asummed it was the fan belt slipping but all ok I've checked it out and it all points to the alternator cos when the noise stops if I put wipers and heater on it starts again so sounds like a bearing gone in the alternator that gets worse under load.
The problem is they are £200 so I need to be sure its that got any ideas how to check it out.

There are two belts.

There are two belts - alternator and water pump. The bottom belt is the alternator. A loose belt squeals at startup and under load. It can be reached by removing the upper belt which is the water pump belt. Adjustment is not obvious until the water pump belt is removed. You might find a bolt has fallen away from the adjuster/cam so the adjuster is constantly loose and the belt slips.
I doubt its the alternators - more like a slipping belt. If it proves to be the alternator then £200 diahatsu is too expensive. Match the alternator at your local diy shop. Provided the rating is the same you should get a much cheaper version. Or try a scrap yard and sort around all vehicles.

Or find a local place that do

Or find a local place that does truck electrics, and get new bushes etc. A lot lot cheaper, plus they can refurb it if needed.

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