I’ve tried to get the tracking done on my sporty at a local Kwick Fit but was told that they have tried before on others without much success. Is this a job for the local dealer or does anybody know whether any of the other fast fit places are any good?

Kwick Fit talk **** most of t

Kwick Fit talk **** most of the time...
They are probably scared of using big spanners Wink

Not too sure if they are the same, but i tracked up a Fourtrack a couple of weeks back, with hardly any problems, had to get the burner out though as the nearside was seized up big time !


ps: where are you based?

Kind Regards from Japan,

I had the same issue

Dirty is right .... they do talk complete nonsense.

The Kwik Fit in town first said they would charge me £28 to do the tracking on my Fourtrak F75, then having got the car on the ramps and confirmed my tracking was out, told me they were not allowed to track up 4x4's with steering boxes and sent me away without charging me anything.

Next day (a Sunday) I went hunting the local trading estate for somewhere else to get the tracking done, unfortunately only a Kwik Fit was open (not the same one I'd been to the previous day). Dont know why I stopped and asked them as I was expecting the same response, but they said 'no problem', and sure enough, after a few minutes hunting for a big enough spanner, it looked to be no problem for the chap to do. Cost me £20, and as a bonus, the spanner hunting delay and a nearby lead-lamp gave me the opportunity to have a real good look underneath.


warning: may contain traces of nut.


Tried at a National Tyres today but was turned away. The manager said that they could do it but that the last one they did took three hours because the bolts had seized and they where a pain to do. Is it an easy job to do on your own?
I live on the East coast.
Thanks for the replies.



This is how I adjust my Sporty front wheel tracking. Its the pre-electronic method and its accurate!
1. A long piece of rigid timber [ 20mmx50mm beech/oak/plywood/aluminium ... something that is straight and rigid ]of length almost same as distance between the front wheels.
2. Two bullnose clips.
3. Two 'home made' metal pointers .... 20mm x 1mm x 200mm

The pointers are held [at an angle] each at the timber ends - with bullnose clips.
Under the car [I have an inspection pit] set the pointers to the front horizontal edge of the wheel rim. Without moving the pointers, carefully transfer the whole thing to the rear horizontal edge of he front wheels. The difference +or- is the toe in/toe out. Use a spanner to make the adjustment.
NB .. method does not align front to rear wheels. The steering wheel cross member is assumed as being horizontal. So if when driving the steering wheel is off set, read adjust both track rods and reset the toe in/out. Test drive for steering wheel cross member as horizontal position. Wink