Hello Im new to this forum and hope somebody can help me out.

We have a 1997 SE Terios, the engine light on the dashboard has been coming on for the last few weeks.
The Speedo has also stopped. We have been advised by the local dealer that this engine light may be due to the Speedo not working and have offered to fit a new Speedo which they 'think' will rectify the problem, although they are not sure and are a little baffled theirselves. This may cost over £300 so I'm reluctant to get this done if it doesn't mend the problem

Has anyone had a similar problem? Does the Speedo come loose in the dashboard and need tightening? If so is it easy to get to?

Sorr yfor all the questions but we're in a dilema as to stick ith the car or avoid Daihatsu in the future.

thanks Dave


I would get one from a breakers first and try that. Search your local Autotrader Breakers section etc....
Also did you notice if the speedo stopped working first before the light came on???

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