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Hi all. Let me introduce myself first of all. I am a new member on 2 counts. 1st new to site and 2nd new to fourtraks!!
Just acquired my first 4x4 which I am very pleased with. I am a falconer so it gives me room for the birds and the ability to get across the field if the need arises.
Now for the problems. I have no reversing lights. Everything is there but nog working. I have done all the usual check bulbs etc but no luck. Can one of you experts tell me where on the gear box the sender unit for reverse is? As far as I can tell there are at least 5!!! It is a LWB Fourtrak, 2.8 TD EL. On an "H" plate.
Also I have the electric dampers on "The Beast" but not sure if they are working as it doesn,t seem to make any difference. The ride can be very rough at times. It has RFG all terrains fitted onto 235/75 R15 alloy wheels.
Hope someone can help me out here.
Thanks alot.
PS. Great site. Took ages to get password through. Took me 8 tries!!!

Alright mate, welcome to the

Alright mate, welcome to the site.
Right there is a high chance that its the reverse switch thats causing you the problems, its located at the top of the gear box just infront of the gearlever on the drivers side. Have a look underneath as it may have disconnected, although they arent expensive even from the main stealers!!
If you pm me your email address, i`ll send you a diagram of waht your looking for.
Electronic dampers have an electric motor on the top, and when changed from say hard to soft they should make a noticable noise.
If you cant hear them then they are probobly gone, and they are not worth replacing at daihatsu prices. Id get heavy duty ones from milner tbh, if they need replacing.
Hope this helps.

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As Jay says, they can be hear

As Jay says, they can be heard as they wind up or down when the switch is turned. It's best, however to do it with engine off, and your head out of the window to hear properly.

You'll need the ign. on position 2 (all lights on)

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty