L501 Wheel Bearing Kit / Online Parts Shop?


Looks like the front offside wheel bearing has gone on my L501 Cuore. Normally I buy parts from a local factors, but for some reason they don't list a bearing kit for this model, they list them for earlier and later cars, but for some reason not the L501.

They're checking with their supplier to find out why it's not in the catalogue, but in the mean time if I can't get one locally does anybody know an online store that sells spares?

Alternatively does anybody know if the L501 uses the same front wheel bearing kit as any other models?

I've been doing a bit of rese

I've been doing a bit of research and as far as I can tell it's the same bearing kit as the Charmant from 82-86 and various Corollas and Carinas. The part from our local factor is only £9.13.