Faulty hubs?


I have a 1992 Daihatsu Sportrak and just after buying it i found out the automatic hubs are not locking. I have been told that they can be replaced by manual ones, but also have been told you cant so can anyone tell me for definate if they can be or not, further more i have been told they can be locked on permanantely by a minor adjustment so as you can imagine im stuck now about what to do so any advice would be a great help.



hi can't be 100% sure about s

hi can't be 100% sure about sporty's but you def. can on a fourtrak can't see as theres much diferents. you can get the hubs from milner-offroad and i bet if you gave them a ring they would tell you for sure. But just a word of warning, if you fit them yourself the instuctions only show you how to replace the existing manuel hubs, and are not very clear.

I agree with SAMBO. Word of w

I agree with SAMBO. Word of warning tho, dont permanently lock the hubs. As they will turn the front diff when driving, and this will wear the drive train out. Also will increase mpg and make your tyres scuff as it increases your turning circle, as the diff is constantly on.
Should be able to put manual ones on easy enough tho.

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check if its one or both by m

check if its one or both by manually turning the driveshafts. They lock quickly if they are working, If not it may be after a mechanic has worked on them and not re-located them properly so just undoing them and making sure they are positioned right may cure the problem

When I removed the dust cover

When I removed the dust cover I found a 12mm bolt head which when turned seemed to manually lock/unlock the hubs so I thought "yeah! Got it cracked"... Not quite! I've established that after exercising both hubs manually the drivers side now seems to engage automatically but the near side doesn't. It can be engaged manually but as soon as the car moves forward it jumps out again. I've swapped the hubs over to see if the fault moved but it stayed with the near side so it looks like it's a problem with the transfer box Sad I've now booked it in with my local village mechanic who promises me with typical Cypriot bravado that he will fix the problem.

Thanks for the help so far and if anybody can think of anything I can pass on to this guy I'd be ever so grateful

Terry Blakey

Faulty sporty hubs

I love this site! I log on to ask for advice on faulty hubs and find the info there waiting for me - Thanks people. One question though, I assume that to test if it's one or both hubs I should be able to just jack up the front of the car and try to turn by hand?

Terry Blakey