Radiator Muff


As winter is fast approaching, I thought it would be a good idea to do something with the cooling system on my Sportrak.

Since I had my head done, I had the whole cooling system cleaned.

During the hot weather, it was great, never went over 1/2 on the gauge.

The problem I am finding now is that my trip to work takes around 15-20 mins, and it never comes off the cold. Also I drove it about 25 miles the other night, the temp was around 6 degrees outside, and it only just came off the cold.

Obviously, its using far more fuel like this.

As the weather will be getting colder, I thought about making a Radiator Muff Cover, with an adjustable opening.

I know LR Defender's tend to use them, has anybody used these before, or any advice?

Thanks in advance.

6 degrees? where do you live,

6 degrees? where do you live, it's been a muggy, murky, never-been-below 13 degrees for the thick end of a month here now!

From what you are saying, I'd say your thermostat has packed in. Get that fixed before muffling any rads. It used to be a common thing years ago when there were summer and winter thermostats avaliable to fit. And I used to blank off about 1/3 of a rad with foil, (well it got my old Morris Marina to warm up quicker). But that was then and this is now and thermostats are far more reliable at setting the correct temp.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty


I was down in cornwall, and it was about 12am. There was a lot of fog which caused the temp to drop.

I refitted the thermostat and checked it only a few weeks ago. In the warm weather, I could start it in the morning, and within a few minutes it started to warm up.

From what I can gather, now that the whole cooling system has been cleaned out, its working a bit too well in the cold. The temp gauge goes up slightly, the stat opens, and it goes cold again due to the cold water in the radiator.

I will put some cardboard in front of the rad for a few days, and see if it makes a difference.

If it does work, I might manufacture something to sit in front of the rad, which can be adjusted from within the cab, so I can adjust the amount of air getting to the rad.

Thanks for the advice.