Tow Balls - Can it be this easy ?


I own a '97 Sportrak ELXi :)(in a lovely light blue and grey) and am considering putting it to a bit more use by fitting a tow bar.
Only for occasional lightish trailer work (wouldn't want to clutter up the roads with anything as unpleasant as a caravan!)
I was wondering if anyone in Daihatsu-Land has experience of DIY fitting, and specifically if :

1/ the tow plate is suitable for direct fixing of a tow ball.

2/ are the centres of the plate and a ball standard (? 90 mm ?)

3/ are the electrics well tricky ( I'm not completely thick ! - I have wired up a house [when you could] and the odd car stereo).

Or,as I suspect Sad ,Will I require a new tow bar with extra mounting points.These kits seem to come out starting at £100 or so - where as I reckon I could go for the ball & electrics for less than half that.

Thanks in anticipation, Andy60

IF you are towing a light-ish

IF you are towing a light-ish trailer, then I'd imagine the towplate would be more than adequate. But if you are like me with an unpleasant caravan coming in at just about a ton laden, then I'd get the bar. Mine was off fleabay for around £30 quid so have a look there or in the scrapyard- £100 is silly money. The plate centres are standard.

They are fitted thru pre-threaded holes in the towplate and on the members - about 20-30 mins work. The electrics are absolutely straightforward, and best to go to the connector by the passenger seat, next to the door. Search on here for Sportrak towbar electrics, as I wrote up the full colour connection list.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

Thanx Dave

Ta very much 4 advice, Dave - Didn't intend to be so rude to caravaners Blush - It just slipped out. Must try to be more tollerant in future !! Cheers, Andy60