Loss of front axle drive


Hi all.

How embarrasing to have a 4x4 that when you need it ,it turns out to 2x4. I discoverd today that I had no drive on the front axle.

(91 Fourtrak TDX, Autolocking Hubs)

I have removed the road wheels, put her on axle stands and tried 4low, front prop shaft engages and rotates, no rotatation of the front hubs, tried the same with 4H (dash switch engages drive) , so I assume transfer box ok.

I have tried a rolling shift at a gentle speed ,of 4high using the dash switch, there is an attempt to engage a hub or even both of them, as I assume the ratcheting noise is the is the cluth pack trying to engage a hub/hubs.

How can I find which hub is not engaging, As the diff will be putting the drive to the hub with the least resistance.

Or ,as I do not care for auto locking hubs,should I just buy a set of standard locking hubs and leave them in the locked position.

Any comments or suggestions would be help full.