I am a sad owner of the new 2006 TERIOS.
Since this June that I received my new TERIOS with automatic transmission the car has been veering to the right. I have taken it 7 times for wheel alignment to different mechanics with different machines and they all tell my that there is nothing wrong with the geometry of the car. I have balanced the wheels and nothing.
On my last visit to the DAIHATSU dealer they suggested that they needed to change the aluminum rims and that I would have to wait for the new rims to arrive.
I am sick and tired wasting my time to the dealer for problems on a new car.
By the way they have tried to swap the tires form front to back from in to out and nothing. The car is wearing DUNLOP ST20 215/65 R16.
Does anybody know if there is a similar problem or any other kind of problem with the new TERIOS?


Resist at all costs the dealer's horse-s**t.

The question here is the safety of the vehicle. No vehicle, old or new, should veer (pull Unknw ) either way. The dealer is trying to spin you out for 6 months to obtain advantage from the Sale of Goods Act, which makes it the dealer's responsibility to prove that the vehicle is fit for purpose up to 6 months after taking delivery. After that, it's up to you to prove that the vehicle is not fit for purpose.

I would suggest that you fork out for an AA inspection to prove there is a problem with the handling. Retain as much paperwork as possible to show that the dealer has been making attempts to rectify the problem without success.

Before the 6 month deadline is up, state to the dealer that unless the vehicle is fixed within a reasonable time (which must end before the 6 months too), that you will sue him under the sale of goods act for the return of your money, plus reasonable expenses (ie the AA fee you incurred, plus, maybe solicitior's fees).

The crunch comes if the dealer still bug**s about and calls your bluff. Take advice from a solicitor if it seems to be getting to this stage. Conveniently, I'll be chatting to a solicitor friend this weekend, so, if I remember, I'll get some info for you.

I've been here when a furniture company (whose name is the same as a sweet sherry) were VERY late in delivering replacements for damaged chairs in my dining suite. Once I threatened them with the small claims court (which, unfortunately, you can't use because the sum exceeds £3000, if memory serves) the perfect chairs were delivered in a week.

To repeat, don't let these barstewards get away with it, especially if your safety is on the line.

Addition .... I didn't speak to my solicitor today, it seems that the Southampton boat show is tempting his wallet. I did, however check how much my 4trak veers when you take your hands off the wheel. On a flat straight road at 50 mph, you can take your hands off the wheel for a couple of seconds without the vehicle wandering too far from its course.

If you can't (or dare not ! ) do this without your vehicle instantly making a bee line for the ditch, or worse heading into oncoming traffic, then there's something seriously wrong with your vehicle.

I bought one (Manuel 1.5sx) o

I bought one (Manuel 1.5sx) of these before they even had a demo model. It was due for pick up on release day and was then promtly lost for 15 days.

Mine had very bad vibrations on the steering wheel bewteen 60 and 70. It went back to the dealer (6-7 times) back to Birmingham (for over two weeks) was returned as best they could do.

We went back and back again until they agreed to replace it. Which they did after a further two weeks thus we now have a 56 reg rather than an 06.

Keep pushing them for a replacement. Make sure that Diahatsu UK in Birmingham is involved. It took my wife turning on the tears when I was not present to finally push them over the edge.

Goog luck

ps I think they were in such a rush to get them out that rubbish was pushed out the door.