f73 oil out rear diff breather


hi all ive got diff oil coming out the rear axle breather the breather dosnt seem to be blocked ,no water in the diff . ,not over filled any ideas cheers ian

1 trak in 3 pukes oil, the rest don't

My f73 has done 110000 miles since I had it new, and puked oil out of the diff breather for every one of them.

If I'm tazzing down the motorway, then it will spot the tailgate with gear oil, but slower work doesn't seem to be so bad. I find that I have to top up the diff with about 1/4 pint of oil every 5000 miles.

Other 'traks don't seem to do it, for example my f78 is dry as a bone underneath, and rustier, to boot !

Bottom line is ..... don't worry too much, but give it what for with the pressure washer for the MOT.