Sportrak hubs,again.


i have just bought a sportrak and have discovered the front auto locking hubs, don't. The advice appears to be to fit new manual hubs,which i can source for about £180. I would prefer to fix the old ones if possible, but can anyone tell me what goes wrong with them. The previous owner didn't use it in four wheel drive and owned it for about six years.Could it be just a lubrication problem. Is it easy to swap auto's for manuals Unknw Any advice is most welcome. Its a an elxi 1996.

check if its one or both of t

check if its one or both of them, with the car on the flat you can manually check if each one works by turning the driveshaft by hand, if it works they lock within a turn or two. If not then it may mean the hubs been reassembled wrong so take the hub off and have a play with it

auto hubs

Thanks. The offside locks, but the nearside one doesn't. I presume that unless both are working the differential will give power to the path of least resistance(the one thats not working),therefore the one that is working will still not spin if stuck in mud?