water in fuel system: fourtrak


Fourtrak independent tdx 1995 ( 15000 miles from new...honestly!!!)

Have a problem with lack of power and misfiring over 2000 rpm. Have drained approx quarter pint water from fuel filter....no improvement as yet. Is it possible that water may be trapped in injector pump? Bought vehicle recently from original owner who had the vehicle serviced each year but I suspect the fuel filter is the original one.

Any advice will be very welcome.

water in fuel

Hi Robbie,

You need to remove the bung from the tank and drain out any water until clean fuel starts to flow out.

Replace your fuel filter. Fill with the new filter with clean diesel before you fit it if you can, it'll help with bleeding the system.

To bleed the system, pump the plunger on top of the filter head until it becomes hard. Then slacken all four injector pipes about 2 turns. With the pipes loose turn the engine over with the key until fuel sprays from each pipe (let the engine turn over for about 20 seconds at each attempt, leaving it about 10 seconds before trying again, otherwise your can over heat the starter motor). Tighten all the injector pipes. The car should now start.

Hope this helps, Daz

water in fuel

Thanks for your reply and time Daz.

I had already done as you suggested apart from replacing the fuel filter. Will order one and fit this weekend and hopefully sort the problem.

Thanks again. Robbie