Fourtrack Rear Light Problem


Hi, I have had a 1998 TDX since almost new. Been wonderful until this week. Dashboard lights, rear lights, and front sidelights all failed. Changed the fuse but all failed again within a mile. Repeated twice more. Auto electrician says he cant do anything until they fail all the time, ie, as soon as I put in a new fuse.
My helpful mechanic has checked the earth straps and tidied up some wiring near the n/s rear light......still all failed after half a mile!
Does anybody know where we might find the fault.....Please, please!

Rear lights

Fairly common problem with earlier models. Check any trailer wiring first but wiring loom usually chaffs at the rear where it contacts rear chassis rails as it is a bit short in length and to tight. Quite often requires dropping the fuel tank and removal of the the loom to find the fault and repair.

Quite often the rear wiper and washer can have problems as well.

Rear tail lights often fail from corrosion at the loom plugs inside the rear wheel arches.

Rear lights

Thanks Smokey for your advice,it gives me somewhere to start from as I have always been crap at electrics.


No problems - just start with a cheap multi tester. I have a circuit diagram if you need one.
Most hassles with old vehicles are now electrical. The local volunteer fire service have 2000 Isuzu and Hino vehicles in service. Most were replaced after 1983 and are getting around 20 years old. With low milage the mechanicals are good. The mechanics spend most of the time chasing electrical faults.