Break Fluid Leaking From 1999 Cuore


hello, i have a 1999 T cuore and the brake fluid seems to drop an inch or so in about a month. the brake fluid chamber is attched via a metal bracket to a round metal disc. this disc looks bubbled where the acid is presumably coming out. has anyone had this problem? will i need a new chamber or will the bracket not be fixed properly? i am a rubbish girl and do not want to be ripped off at a garage! thanks for any help anyone can provide.


... brake fluid is corrosive. It is not an acid.
... loosing an 'inch' of brake fluid from the reservoir is worrying. If a brake seal fails you might have no brakes : unless its a duel system where on brake failure only two brakes will operate.
... The corrosion you see on the reservoir could be caused from drips when topping-up the brake fluid.
... In my opinion the loss of brake fluid is from a leak in the braking system. Most often a leaking rear slave cylinder is the problem. You will need to remove the rear wheels and then remove the brake drum. Inside you will see the brake shoes and slave cylinder. There should be no sign of brake fluid. If brake fluid is seen then the slave cylinder must be replaced. The brakes then need bleeding in correct sequence [DOT4 fluid]to remove the air.
... same for front brake calipers. However there are no brake drums. Just remove the wheels and look for brake fluid leaks.
NOTE ... you must support the car on axle stands. Using only a car jack is dangerous!