Sporty squeal


sportrak elxi 1993 when starting squeals thought it was fan belt but that is tight,eventually stops but when you turn on heater fan to warm car it starts again.
Is this the water pump failing .

Try fitting a new alternator

Try fitting a new alternator drive belt before condemning anything else.
The belt might be past it's best i.e. glazed and shiny from slipping.
I doubt it's the water pump dying as electrical load on the alternator
makes it squeal again. Might be an idea to check it anyway.



I had the same problem with my sporty I fitted a new fan belt but when you put lights or fan on it was off again, I fitted a new alternator now its sorted.
So come to the conclusion it was a bearing in alternator when you put other things on it puts it under load causing it to squeel.
The bad news there are expensive I paid £200 for mine but milner off road does them a lot cheaper so shop around.

Two belts.

Have you tightened the alternator AND the water pump belts? There is a second belt below the upper belt?