Fuel guage meter


My Fuel gauge is always reading incorrectly and i believe that it is a calibaration problem.

The Dealer has already replaced the Fuel Sender unit but a few months later the problem re-occurs.

The problem:
When the car is filled to the brim, the meter still sits below the FULL line.
It used to sit clearly above the line. After driving 20km the needle has already started to drop. By 50km, its indicating that the first quarter tank is already used up.

When the needle is on Empty, i still have another 120-150km left before it runs dry.

So, from a full to the brink tank to when its virtually dry, i get 520-550km from that full tank in my YRV, but the meter is just way off!

Does anyone know a solution?


YRV Fuel Guage

I query the cause of wrong readings.
Brim the tank, gauge shows more than full.
Run to empty I can't get more than 35 litres in ,
into a tank supposed to take 40 litres .
As there used to be the ability to get more in
I wonder if the reduction is due to the tank capacity
suffering a reduction, rather than dodgy gauge.
Could this be because the tank is plastic and collapses in upon itself,both by warping over the course of time,
the negative air pressure maintained for emission purposes and with the benefit of heat from the exhaust,
becoming set in the reduced volume?