1991 Charade 1.3L Auto. sluggish USA


My 1991 Charade is very sluggish. Sometimes, it barely moves from a stop. Sometimes, it won't downshift very easily either. I took the catalytic converter off. That didn't help. I'm wondering if a have a sensor problem that is causing a lean condition. Are there any other typical problems that can cause this behavior?

When was the last time

When was the last time you had the gearbox oil changed??
Sounds like the whole box could do with a recondition.

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How do you change the oil in

How do you change the oil in the gearbox? (Remember, this is an automatic)

But, that couldn't be causing the sluggishness in the engine. It's not jusy bogged down by a high gear. Are there any sensors that go bad and slow the car down?

It is a very messy job, I

It is a very messy job, I recommend going to a Jiffy Lube or equivalent for this one.

Basically you have to drain the transmission fluid by removing the transmission fluid pan, should be fairly easy to spot underneath. Your transmission fluid should be a nice red color.

You can pick up a kit from an auto parts store that should include a new gasket to fit around the edge of the pan. Make sure you have enough Automatic transmission fluid to replace when your done.

When you undue the bolts of the pan, only do a few on one side at first, and make sure you have something large to drain it in to because the transmission fluid goes everywhere! Also don't where any clothes you want to keep, and don't do this outside in a dust storm, I made that mistake once.

when you undue the rest of the bolts gently peel away the pan, so you don't damage anything.

Remove the old gasket that should be lining the edge of the pan, and clean everything throughly, the pan and any pieces of the old gasket, remove all that transmission fluid residue etc.

When your ready replace the filter, a new one should have been provided with your kit, carefully apply the new gasket to the pan, this is important! It needs to seal properly, or you will have all kinds of leak problems. Bolt the pan back on, fill fluid to manufactures recommendations.

Keep in mind when you fill, don't go by your transmission fluid dip stick, it just measures what is sitting in the bottom of the pan, your fluid has to be drawn up into your transmission, and recirculates.

After you have replaced your fluid go for a short road test, test all your gears out, make sure they perform correctly. Check again a little later under the vehicle, make sure there is no red fluid dripping out.

Your transmission fluid should always be red in color, if it is anything else it is time to change. If you get some on your skin, Transmission fluid is packed with detergents, so you feel grimy but it will also clean your skin.

Anyone think of anything else? its been a few years since I have changed my transmission fluid I might have forgotten something.

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sluggish charade

Mine is worse when cold - turns out to be losing transmission fluid via the oil seals.