4WD light stays on


I recently bought a J reg Fourtrak. its a 2.8 T. It has Auto locking Hubs and a button on the dash to turn the 4WD on.
When it has been in 4WD and i turn it off the 4WD light on the dash does not go off. It seems to be a bit fadey (As in the light is not at full brightness and seems to dim a bit as soon as you press the 4WD button and then come back bright again) I noticed when i was driving along there was a bit of a bang as tho i was going through a pot hole (but i dont think i did) and the 4WD seemed to go off. Im pretty sure that the 4WD does disengage because when i turn it on i can hear it engaging at the front. Could it be that only one of the locking hubs is dissengaging?

after turning 4wheel off,

after turning 4wheel off, you should reverse slightly to disengage the hubs, if you did'nt know this it could be the problem

I have tried going backwards

I have tried going backwards and forwards alot but the light still dont come off. The guy i bought it off said (once i had paid him) oh yeah the 4wd light does stay on sometime but dont worry its not in 4wd its just a doggy light. I didnt notice it on when i took it for a test drive. Hopefully it will be one of them great car problems that just fixes its self given a bit of time.