Kumho MT's...


I'm currently running 31x10.5x15 Kumho MT radials on my '91 Sporty... does anyone know what pressure they should be at for general road use - including some light off road (farm fields)?


Well, I'm running over sized

Well, I'm running over sized AT's (235/75R15) and I run just under the standard 23 psi front and 30 psi rear. Try experimenting to give the best ride, no need to lower pressures for light off roading either.
How's the low range coping with the 31's and any rubbing?


The low range is fine for

The low range is fine for what I use the truck for... there was rubbing on the front's, but I cured that by snipping the corners off the side bumpers (?), and winding up the torsion bars - the rears were fine as I put new springs on previously, so plenty of room Smile   Smile