Frozen bonnet catch (a.k.a. 'Hood' in USA/OZ) again! Sporty 1997


Hello Sporty owners and Feroza fans

Once again my trusty Sporty bonnet catch has frozen. It´s only been -8c for a day or so here up in Iceland. Had previously greased and squirted WD40 all over the mechanism. Any suggestions to stop this happening yet again? After 250km to Reykjavík it happily loosens, but after an over-night stop it´s frozen again. My Subaru Justy never froze...

This is the first year I´ve changed from the studded metal tyres to the newer loftbola or air-bubble tyres. The grip on solid ice is superb, though when the temps reach above 0c and water forms on the surface then traction is sadly wanting.

All the best from Hveragerði!

Water in the release cable

My guess is that there is water trapped between the outer of the bonnet release cable and the inner wire.

Overnight the water freezes, but the warmth of the engine melts the ice.

The best way to remove the water is to force oil through the cable with a cable oiler as used by motorcycle riders.

I know this by bitter experience, when I tried to stop my old ES2 Norton on a very cold day .... NO FRONT BRAKE !

Good advice from RF there,

Good advice from RF there, get some kind of lube down the cable to disperse any moisture.
I find spray lubes containing teflon to be good because they leave a water resisting film which outlasts the like of WD40.
Get hold of some GT85 spray if you can or a teflon based mountain bike lube and drizzle it in there.

You probably know this living in a chilly climate but for God's sake don't try deicing the mechanism with your breath if you like your lips attached to your face! Lol


Thanks for the helpful

Thanks for the helpful comment. Will grab a can of GT85 on my next sojourn to Reykjavík. It was minus 15c early Sat. morning as we drove home from a Björk and the Sugarcubes gig. Thankfully she refrained from attacking the press!

atb, 65 North, Brian