I have a 1991 and 1996 Sportrak. Both are looked after and regularly sprayed beneath with Wax. I recently noticed rust on the seal between the rear wheel arches and the rear floor, inside. The tiny amount of seam sealer used had separated from the floorallowing rust to form. This was on the 1996. Looking at the 1991 the same problem is happening but worse still the off side seat belt mount had rusted through where the strengthening plate and nut had allowed corrosion to form between the two surfaces. These areas are often overlooked beneath the carpet and the 1991 has rusted through within the year as I waxoyed it in January as usual with no signs showing inside or out. Worth watching these hidden areas. Like wise a similar problem on the 1991 has happened where the rear shock top bolt access covers bolt on beneath the near side seat. Again due to corrosion between floor and strengthening plates. the rest of both cars is rust free, I think & hope. Finish on the 1991 model iside andout far better than 1996 Anjou Model. Shame that standards have fallen as 1991 feels more solid, paint is better seats less prone to side distortion.

Take care!!