window tintign on sportrak


gd day mud pluggers,

right i have tinted the rear window and now i want to get the back side windows out because it will be a pig of a job to do them while they are in. the only problem i have is getting the damn things out because i want to ge tthem out by uscrewing them at the window. so the cap on the other side of the window just spins when trying to unscrew them, shall i just drill them out and get the new caps and srcews from daihatsu or has anyone got any ideas.

Cheers Dan

Domed nut.

Recently had a Sporty rear side window replaced due to stone damage. Company found it impossible to un-screw the domed nut even whilst there was no glass to damage!
They replaced the bolt. The window came second-hand. New windows are not available .... be careful not to break the window.