Fourtrack v. Sportrack


I am trying to decide whether to buy a diesel fourtrack or a petrol sportrack (in older models), my main question is, has anyone any advice on miles per gallon that can be achieved on these models, and how suitable is the sportrack for occasional off road use.
Thanks Buck.

MPG Sportrak

I have a 91 1.6 ELXi Sportrak, and around town I get around 26-30 mpg, and on a decent run when the engine is warm, I've had around 36-38 mpg.

A couple of months ago I went down the M4 to Cardiff, and I got 38 mpg at a steady 75mph.

I take mine offroad every week or so, and even with road tyres it goes most places.

I fitted a snorkel, and its been through water up to the top of the bumper without any problems.

MPG on a Sport Trak

This answers my big question. My Mrs is after a Sport Trak but was a bit worried about the mpg. I'm impressed but how good the Sport Trak is on fuel, thanks.


Fuel economy

I think the key is basically to keep it well serviced and maintained.

Generally,I don't tend to take it over 3500 rpm, as I noticed the fuel consumption starts to increase dramatically.

Also bearing in mind I've got a great big bullbar and spots on mine, which don't help the mpg.

I've just refilled mine, and it did 270 miles on 8 gallons of petrol, which included town driving, off road driving, going through floods, everything, so I'm quite pleased.

I'll second that about

I'll second that about regular maintenance and servicing - a regular change of air filter seems to make a world of difference as well.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty