4trak turbo diesel mixture adjustment


any one know how to adjust this - mine appears to be running a little bit rich - when i put my foot down i see smoke in the mirror (especially at night time with car headlights behind me)- plus it only just got thro` its last mot on emmissions - is there a simple screw adjuster or is it more complex than that?

How about a little more info

How about a little more info on your track m8..how old is it Unknw
What colur is the smoke you mention..white , blue , black Unknw
Do you only get the smoke when accelerating or do you get it on start up too Unknw You can adjust the fuel injector pump but any adjustment you make will be related to symtoms you are experiencing.

Possible causes of excessive smoke are :

Incorrect injection timing....have it reset
Faulty injection nozzle..remove and inspect
Fault in the pump itself..let a diesel specialist give it the once over if you suspect this.

I too almost failed an emissions test...I poured some STP diesel treatment into the fuel tank and went for a long run at high revs...seemed to do the trick cos on retest it sailed through the emissions element of the mot and passed it again easily last june.

thanks chaps

since i`m averaging around 30 - 32 mpg i dont reckon i`m too far out so i reckon i`ll try the stp trick with a long hard run at high revs immediately beforehand

Wild, yes there is a simple s

Wild, yes there is a simple screw adjustment, but try Mikes trick first. If you still want to know, post here again.
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Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt.
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Emissions test joke

Actually, most diesels are pretty close to failing the UK emissions limit .... I think it's more due to Government idiots who have never worked on a vehicle making up rules, and to hell with the poor sods who have to live with them.

Next door bought a renault diesel new, ran it gently for 25000 miles and, guess what, it failed emissions on its first MOT.

The STP trick works for a vehicle in reasonable mechanical order .... also give it a brand new air filter for the MOT .... then put the old one back when you get home.

The other thing to do is to reduce the max engine revs (and max smoke) by twiddling the sealed screw on the injection pump. Funnily enough you can tweak this to any setting you like, including increasing the max engine revs past the upper limit, but don't come crying when you f*** the engine.