Sporty Alloys & tyres


Just judging if there would be any interest in my original ELXi alloys, before I order new wheels/muddies.

They are a set of 5 complete with 235/75R15 Colway AT's all in good nick, good tread depth etc, spare never used.

Jon. Smile

Sporty Alloys & tyres

I could be interested in the wheels. Depends on how much and where you are.

Hi AJS, I'm in north Notts,


I'm in north Notts, Worksop to be precise. It's about halfway between Nottingham and Sheffield, not far from the M1 and A1 major routes. Not really sure how much I want for them yet as I have'nt finally decided on which new ones to go for.
Keep any eye out in the for sale forum for them. However if I'm not too far away you could always make me an offer if you like.
Here's how they look.