Please post here when you spot another Fourtrack / Rockey / Rugger on the road.
It's going to be the "Spotted" thread.
Please describe the vehicle and where you saw it.
you never know it might be a giggle.

Yellow Peril

Hi I saw a Honda yellow Fourtrak in Canterbury the other day, it was chugging a bit, was that you tunneruk?



I think it could only be me

I think it could only be me (especially if I was chugging along on 3 cylinders)
what do you drive?


I drive a Terios, I leave all that mud and stuff to you poor boys....;-)


Hi, Tunner, i was over in the UK when I spotted your nice yellow machine. So you need a new engine or what? I have a Terios Sport, with only a 1.3 petrol in it I guess I am a bit of a woos but I had to obey 'she who must be obeyed' as she wants to drive it.....not for the school runs though! it goes most of the places we need to go, on and off the black stuff.
Keep on chugging.

best regards

davvidoff }:-)

Can I include F20's

Armadale petrol station - Perth - Australia. parked next to mine felt all gooeeyyy the driver owns 2 of em both diesels.


F20 Driver in Australia

saw another one

It was outside the office window (F20) on the road, not just floating there! Took a picture but cant seem to wrok out how to load it onto page.

F20 Driver in Australia

F20 Driver in Australia

West Wales

I have never seen so many Fourtraks as around this area. Moved to the cambrian Mountains 4 weeks ago and every other car seems to be a Fourtrak!

Went to a little garage in Pont Shaen (Pont Sian to some) today and the guy had at least 10 laying around his yard and reckons he is breaking up to 200!

He's an excellent mechanic and fitted a new clutch in mine in 2 1/2 hours!

The Hippy Whippy Man
Daihatsu Fourtrak TDX Indy

The Hippy Whippy Man
Daihatsu Fourtrak TDX Indy
M4 OAF in the Cambrian Mountains


there are loads of fourtracks in my neck of the woods in corwen and i have the only sporty or so i thought comming into the carpark there was 5 sportys that ive never clapped eyes on before sensi one a midnight and a anjuo and two elxi all m reg mine is a elxi j reg called jessica sneazy


Anju LTD Edition

what have l got that is a LTD version whats differant

will i ever stop spending money on it

Sportraks in Stoke/Newcastle under Lyme

...Who has that immaculate white 'p' plater? And the Metallic green 'R' plate?

Any other Stokey Sportrakkers on here as well?

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

I am considering adding a

I am considering adding a "Spotted" style section in the forums once I can be bothered to design some car stickers so members will recognise eachother. So if anyone has ideas for car stickers to have on Windscreen and also rear windows then feel free to email me or post on here!
03 Reg Yellow YRV Turbo!


Spotted sticker

Hi Lurch,

Think it would be a good idea to have a logo so that you could instantly recognise the membership and then have the driver's User name alongside this so you could message them.

Hope this idea helps, not sure what logo you would use.

Spotted Stickers

The sticker Idea is good, it could get like in the good old days when the AA man saluted you, help on the idea and a cheap price contact Allsigns on 01262 400700

T reg 4trak in Ashwellthorpe

Obviously belonged to a lady with good taste in music (Tchaikovsky). Seen in the car park of the 'King's Head'.

58000 miles ..... I'll change your cam belt any time !

Excellent Idea

But ... I have a single reservation ... please everyone keep in mind that we dont want to be giving away the 'home positions' of peoples vehicles - lets not make it any easier for someone to steal a fourtrak or sporty to order by letting them know where one parks each night. I would suggest people should only post sightings where they are reasonably sure the vehicle is not outside the persons home.

OK that said: aside from my Fourtrak, the last couple I have spotted: Lunch Time, 15th Dec (friday), Sowton Estate, Exeter, a slate-blue Fourtrak TDX Independent driving onto the estate. Evening of 18th Dec (yesterday), Tesco's carpark on the edge of Exeter, a very dark blue Sporty with a clock-face motif and the word 'midnight' across it, and a not-so dark blue TDX Independent parked two spaces away (I tried to park my Fourtrak nearby, but there were no spaces near Sad )

But I have a somewhat more mad suggestion ... I used to drive a VW beetle (old rear-engined type, not these face-lifted VW Golf's that VW are currently calling Beetles). Nagamochi (the White 1990 F75 resin-top that has recently adopted me) has all the characteristics that used to make my Beetles so special to me ... except one ... the Beetle community: Beetle drivers wave and flash their lights at each other as they pass (or at least most do, I suppose about 80% of them back when I was driving Beetles). There is nothing in the Beetle manual that says you have to do this, there was no secret code of ownership that was passed onto me when I first bought a Beetle, but within days of buying it, a Beetle passed me heading the other way and flashed his lights. I found a safe place to stop and examined the front of my car (expecting to find my number plate hanging off or something). No, all was fine, I thought no more of it. A couple of days later another Beetle flashed me, I ignored it this time and didn't bother stopping. the next one waved, I ventured to wave back at this strange person, and as a result they promptly flashed their lights and tooted their horn and smiled a huge grin at me as we passed. Ahhhh ... I finally realised, they were waving(and/or flashing lights, tooting horns, etc) for no reason other than I was driving a Beetle. So I started waving at passing beetles too, and was somewhat amazed to discover it was very very unusual to find a beetle driver that did _not_ wave back. This is the V-Dub community, and I'm convinced it is perpetuated for no reason other than enough of them do it to make new drivers think it is 'the done thing'.

So I've started doing it again; any time I see a fourtrak or sporty coming the other way, I wave and/or flash my lights, and if I get a wave back, I wave entusiastically and beam them a big grin Smile

Alas, currently my hit rate is that only about 20% wave back (and at least half of them look somewhat puzzled as they do so), and while 1 driver looked at me like I just fed his grandmother to the ravenous bug-blatter-beast-of-thrall, one more than made up for this, a fortrak driver who I encountered on Sowton estate in Exeter waved back most enthusiastically at my greeting, so I waved back again with even more vigor than before and beeped my horn and flashed my lights, and they did the same, and by the time we had passed, we were both bouncing up and down on our seats, grinning like idiots and waving like morons Smile

Yeah, OK, so I'm probably mad (but at least now I know there is at least one other person as mad as me, and they drive a Fourtrak too), but where's the harm eh? I hope that persons day was a little bit happier because of that encounter, I know mine was.

So My suggestion is dont just post here, wave and/or flash your lights at any oncomming fourtrak/sporty (if safe to do so of course) and if they respond in kind, then beam them a huge grin and wave some more. I'm pretty sure if enough start doing it then it will self-perpetuate as it does with Beetles, and in doing so, I'm pretty convinced the world will be an ever-so-slightly happier place Smile

/me waves to everyone on the forum and grins like a moron Smile


warning: may contain traces of nut.


warning: may contain traces of nut.


If you want to see lots of the Sporty and Fourtrak genre, come to the Isle of Man. As a Sporty owner I keep an eye open and there are lots of us around on this patch. The glut is helped by the fact that our Water Company used Fourtraks for a consideable spell, as did some of our govenment departments. The Fourtraks are still popular with the farmers as rugged work horses.

The Island must have one of the highest proportion of 4x4 drivers around, the excuse is that they are used for the boats and horse trailers, but lots of BMW X5s, Mercs, Porsches and Range Rovers never see any mud at all, just the school gates every day.

When we are out in our Sporty finding those roads with grass down the middle, it's reassuring to know that I'm in a vehicle which can get us out of trouble if we meet traffic and have to go onto our soft verges and farm gateways to pass. The high view point also gives an advantage of a great panoramic view as we drive along.

So what a great idea, let's keep on flashing( in a civilised way!)


Spotted a Fourtrak driver

Spotted a Fourtrak driver near Moons Moat in Redditch, Worcs on Wed 14/03/07 in the afternoon, a middle aged gentleman and Lady were inside, when I saw him I stuck my arm out of the window and gave him the thumbs-up and he flashed back with a smile Smile

Jason "Foxdie" Gaunt


Jason "Foxdie" Gaunt

Spotted another Sporty going

Spotted another Sporty going up Carver Street in the Jewellry Quarter of Birmingham, 8:20am 20/04/2007, license plate was J*** FAB, didn't get a chance to wave.


Jason "Foxdie" Gaunt


Jason "Foxdie" Gaunt


There are so many Sporty's around Shropshire - can I request you all beep and wave please?! Would be so nice!


Spotted 19 Fourtracks and sportys today, mind you there were twenty of us in a disused quarry, to which i have access.
We all waved or gesticulated to each other, particularly when we were stuck, tried flashing headlights, but nobody could see them as they were buried in a load of soft sludge and slurry. We all found it good fun, and a definate laugh.

Harleston, Suffolk

L-reg LWB independent slowed down rather rapidly when he misinterpreted my wave to him at about midday.

.... OH, really was there a speed camera van hiding around the corner Unknw


Hi there,

saw a brilliant example outside Tesco in Leyland today with an interesting number plate.It started with F 75 ... Couldn't stop unfortunately.Hope the owner gets to see this posting though...


I see loads of Fourtraks down here in sunny Cornwall! And most of them doing what they are built for, getting muddy!!
Saw a nice one today in Pool with F77 on number plate I think, was a clean one though. I used to have a green Fieldman and I always used to see another one driving round identical. Also an identical one in Devon near Tavistock.


Spotted on my drive my cracking F78 blue over silver Fourtrak.
i worked on them years ago at Lookers Billingham when it was Renault/ Daihatsu/ Jeep Dealership. i can remember when we PDI,d them new and i thought they were fantastic. Some years later after the wife deciding she wanted one of them dammed Freelander pieces of $h*** to tow her horse box then after over heating (i warned her, i told her, she didnt listen) we got rid and so the task to find a decent Fourtrak was on. We have been very lucky with our find and are over the moon with its performance in pulling the nag in it box. i gave it a full service and cam belt (96,000 miles) and the only other things it need are the rear prop to diff oil seal which i thought wasnt too bad at £14 and i decided to get a new osf outer sill because it has bubbled up so not going to mess about patching up and just straight replace (£44). im on the hunt for an osr silver bumper if any of you out ther have one. Cheers Danny

Spotted Belt and Braces

Decided to brave the hell hole which is London yesterday, to look at a potential new company project, travelling south on the M1 i saw something hilarious. Two Land Rovers were travelling in tandem, both were towing car transporter trailers, and each one of them contained another Land Rover. Pulling into Watford Gap Services, i went to the toilet, as i came out these Landies pulled in and parked at the side of my car, i could not resist it.
As the drivers got out i said "i know Land Rovers are unreliable, but is it really necessary to carry a complete new vehicle with you", they were not amused.


I pass another fourtrak every morning on my way to work,I drive mine daily and i often see a few every week around Gwynedd.

All torque no tr-action

Where had they been?

on the A120 just approching the Freeport roundabout. A Mud coloured fourtrack with a couple of Landrovers. Looked like it had been lifted. wonder where theyd been? couldnt of been far, one was on a tow rope?

Have just noticed this forum !

Having been a biker for many years..we get used to giving each other a nod or wave..but havent found many 4 wheeled folks do the same..until I bought my first 4trak some years ago ( in fact..originally joined this site over 7 years back ! ) but having parted with my first beloved "Rocky" for a nissan navara..had years of withdrawal symptoms..and when I needed a good towing vehicle for my twin wheeled trailer..well..there was no contest..although,it was a tad more difficult to find a good one as it was 7 years back. So i,m now flashing any other 4trak driver I see ( most respond !) but the best bit is..I had the foresight to put my old Reg No on retention..just in case I returned to the fold..and have just put it on my new toy :o) You,ll see the pic in the Fourtrak/Rocky gallery... having had my last one lifted..i need to start looking at some similar mods,so that it really IS a BIG 4 TRK !! Watch this space folks..and much as it may seem such a shame to play about with what is very nice paintwork..i feel the need to have her sprayed in either satin black..or satin dark grey !! ps..if anyone has an alloy wheel which matches the one she currently has on..please let me know..I think from past memory they were called "Anjou" alloys ?? Good to be back :o)

4 in the last two weeks

So, I've seen 4 in the last couple of weeks in the Cheltenham/M5 area.
All Fourtraks of one sort or another.
A silver 'R' plate heading into Sainsburys car park the last Saturday in January.
The Thursday before that I was passed by a white F78 estate n/bound on the M5 in the morning (and same again in the opposite direction the following Tuesday afternoon - thinks it's the same one).
Then I followed a green hard top (van body) down the M5 from Jn9 to Jn11 early this week.
Two days ago, pulled up next to a white one on the Golden Valley bypass roundabout (Cheltenham end).


Graham (G4FUJ)
'95 Fourtrak F78 2.8 Independent TDX
'91 LR 90 SW (in for major rebuild)
'76 Morgan 4/4
'08 MINI Clubman Cooper D

Green Fourtrak (F78 maybe - not sure)

Friday 11 Feb approx 09:30 on M61 Southbound near Bolton

2004 Yellow YRV Turbo

My old Fourtrak

My son spotted my old Foutrak, a 93 K reg Green & Silver TDX in Pudsey today.He said it looked in reasonable condition so I would like to thank the current owner for looking after it.

Motherwell , fourtrak timberline ....

See the exact same short wheel base timberline as mine every day in motherwell car park . There was me thinkin i had the only swb timberline in scotland

Motherwell Fourtrak

That might be the same one Iv seen going about,
Also saw one in the Motherwell area with a trailer hitched to the back of it.
Iv seen it parked up somewhere as well but cant think where it was,

Mine not out too much, old r reg fieldman, black with the rear cab silver, not the prettiest if Im honest lol.

Sometimes use it going to work, Wishaw to Airdrie.

Mate just put a post on u tube with the old fourtrak pulling him out when he got stuck in his jeep.

Beemers do it sideways

Whats the title for the you

Whats the title for the you tube vid ?. Maybe sein me jumpin about in mine in motherwell or parked up somewhere in mwell . Cant say ive spotted your ft yet , they do stick out to other owners as they are quite rare to see ,, unlike the common land rover lol ..

The you tube video isnt that

The you tube video isnt that long. only about 20 seconds I think, it was a mate that posted it, try under eurodaily, was my mate that was in the fourtrak pulling him out,

Think I have seen yours going about M/well area, possibly around Hamilton rd area, couldnt remember where I saw it parked up a few times, possibly Douglas St area, looks in really good nick.

Mine not used too much, use my Bm more if Im honest,

Going to start using it more though,

As Iv said its not the best looking fourtrak lol, mine is the Fieldman

Beemers do it sideways

Yeh its normally parked on

Yeh its normally parked on orchard street . its in not to bad a condition , rear arches are in need of attention , usual areas of rot on them . Eurodaily ! spoke to him a couple of times on mud club or somethin ..youl have to get the old fourtrak out for the winter , bms dont cope to well in old snow n ice ..

Aye your right with the Bm

Aye your right with the Bm coping with the snow lol, fourtrak is on the road, just dont use it as much as I should, mainly bought it for the winter,plus a bit of offroading.

Eurodaily (big Raymond) is a spot on guy, met him for the first time when he put the clip on you tube, he is a mate of my mate,

Your fourtrak looked tidy when I past it,

Bugged me where it was I saw it then I thought it was around the Hamilton road area, mine was the same around arches.

You might see mine going about in the next few months,

As Iv said its black with the silver roof at the rear, bullbar and winch on the front of it.

I actualy saw another fourtrak today down in Broughton, on the A701 at Broughton, it was a blue T reg.

Beemers do it sideways

Spotted in the highlands

Here's my daughter learning to drive in the fourtrak in a feild in Morar.

The local garage in Morar has a grey L reg that they use for awkward recoveries; the gamekeeper had it for years and it's still going strong. There's a blue R reg Fourtrak lives 5 miles up the road in Arisaig and I've seen a silver sporttrak kicking about, too. They're popular in the sticks.


Brilliant !! Sounds like my

Brilliant !! Sounds like my ideal place , open space and some daihard fourtrak owners .Traffic down here in motherwell is gettin to be a nightmare , pressing that heavy clutch up and down in a jam tends to hurt after a while .

sportrak and fourtrak

saw a sportrak, nice too, didnt catch the reg, also a nice fourtrak in tescos Blairgowrie! we are not alone up here after-all daihardsu!

(which came first, the chicken or the egg...???)

Spotted in Broughton

Spotted a fourtrak today in Broughton.

Never got a good look at it though as it was going in the opposite direction from me,

Past it on a bend,

Was a blue T reg Fourtrak.

Fourtrak was heading out of Broughton on the A701, probarly around 11am this morning

Beemers do it sideways